Cheap Usb connector MiniUSB overview

Cheap Usb connector MiniUSB overview

2019-02-01 14:43:25


MiniUSB, also known as MiniUSB, is a cheap USB connector. It is an abbreviation of UniversalSerialBUS in English, which means "UniversalSerialBUS" in Chinese. It is a technology developed for transferring data between PC and digital devices. Standard USB, MiniUSB and MicroUSB become the most common USB ports nowadays. Compared with standard USB, MiniUSB is smaller and suitable for small electronic devices such as mobile devices.

Mini USB is divided into A type, B type and AB type. MiniB 5Pin is the most common interface at present. Due to its excellent anti-misplug performance and small size, it is gaining favor from many manufacturers. Now it is widely used in card readers, MP3 players, digital cameras and mobile hard disks.


Mini usb interface is divided into mini-A, B and AB interface. If your system is only used as slave, then use B interface, the system controller will judge ID foot level to judge what kind of equipment is inserted, if it is A high, is the joint B inserted, the system will make decision model, if the ID is low, is to insert A interface, and then the system will use HNP dialogue agreement to decide which to do the Master, which do slave.

The mini USB, which predates the micro USB, was once the dominant USB port mode for mobile devices, but it has been abandoned and you may still see the cable of this port on some very old mobile phones.


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