Cheap outdoor electronics, smart bracelet

Cheap outdoor electronics, smart bracelet

2019-01-24 14:53:50


Cheap outdoor electronics, smart bracelet

What are the functions of the smart bracelet?



1, motion detection

The main function and even the only function of the early smart bracelet is motion monitoring, which is now one of the most basic functions of the smart bracelet.

Usually includes a pedometer, moving distance, motion trajectory, etc. There is also a calculation of the calories burned based on the data of the exercise. Others will add motion pulse, heart rate and other functions. Most of the monitoring methods use the photoelectric measurement method commonly used in the industry, but this measurement method is easy to receive external interference. If you have special needs in this regard, you are advised to buy a professional one. Heart rate belt.

2, sleep record

This feature is popular with many people, probably because young people are used to sleeping late, so pay more attention to their sleep quality. This feature accurately detects falling asleep and waking up, and some products can be accurate to deep sleep. Of course, there are also ways to directly test the piezoelectric film on the bed, which is more accurate than the bracelet.



3, alarm clock function

If you have a need to record sleep, then the alarm function is very useful. The way he wakes up is not as simple and rude as a traditional alarm clock, but instead uses a vibration method, so that the wake-up hit rate is high and does not affect others.

4, push notification, call answering

The bracelet or smart watch can remind you by vibration when you are sending a text message or a call. This function is very practical, because the chance of missing a phone call or text message is greatly reduced.

However, it should be noted that it is unrealistic to hope to completely replace the mobile phone in this way. Because the screen of the smart bracelet or watch is too small, a little bit of information is OK, if it is long information, the experience is not very good.

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