Development stage and trend of RTU monitoring system

Development stage and trend of RTU monitoring system

2019-01-30 13:38:29


The development of the RTU monitoring system went through several stages:

The first generation of RTU monitoring system only performs simple data collection and some on-off control. At this time, the data processing capacity of RTU is very limited, and on-site data must be transmitted to the central control station for data processing by the central control station or master station. At this time, the communication capability of RTU is also very weak, which is characterized by slow communication rate, single mode, and most of them adopt the custom non-standard protocol.

With the rapid development of semiconductor technology, the core chip of RTU, the microprocessor, is becoming more and more powerful. The data processing capacity of RTU has been greatly improved. Many complex algorithms and communication protocols have been realized.

The rapid development of network and communication technology provides more advanced and better performance for RTU technology, and also brings more extensive application for RTU products. Networked RTU based on IP technology has become the mainstream industrial control product in the market with its rapid response ability, open communication protocol and platform. More and more manufacturers of traditional industrial controllers have shifted their product focus to RTU, and more and more new enterprises have joined the industry of RTU, including many communication enterprises like Motorola.

Nowadays, the RTU monitoring system is becoming intelligent. The intelligent RTU can automatically determine whether the acquired data needs to be reported to the central control station immediately, or can be kept locally for later transmission, or until the central control station requires. Intelligent RTU can automatically detect communication interruption and immediately start to save data to memory, thus making the most effective use of communication network. An intelligent RTU can also transmit critical data to several central control stations simultaneously. In addition, because security is the biggest problem in current communication networks, intelligent RTU can encrypt data before transmission or deny access from unknown addresses.


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