Explore the sales lead platform and create of business Signal connector sales

Explore the sales lead platform and create of business Signal connector sales

2019-01-26 09:49:19


The open Internet signal connector sales provide us with a variety of analytical data. For the company, how to better use this data to create more sales benefits for enterprises is the key to the transformation of enterprises into smart sales. 


When developing a new sales strategy, the combination of segmentation and personalization can better capture the core needs of potential customers. Compared with the inefficiency of customers in the past to find customers in the vast amount of information, the trail guide platform (dongke) helps companies break the barrier of “data islands” by analyzing and mining enterprise data across the network, providing different dimensions for enterprises. Customer information, systematic understanding of potential customers' pain points and background information, and a variety of access tools, allowing sales staff to quickly identify quality leads before contacting potential customers, and increase sales into a single rate.




In today's era of big data and artificial intelligence, how to choose the right tools to maximize the efficiency of work per person is a professional issue for every business manager. Based on the replacement of manual execution of transactional work, through the application of big data and artificial intelligence technology, the company can make sales easier, process shorter and more efficient, and more efficient aggregation of data, promote business scenarios and process re-engineering, and let labor Intelligent assistant enterprise sales is the exploration direction of artificial intelligence. The smart sales forecasting service, as a sales tool, truly changes the traditional sales habits, allowing intelligence and technology to empower the company's sales, helping the company ultimately achieve the ultimate goal of minimizing costs and maximizing profits.
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