Flat cable signal connector price

Flat cable signal connector price

2019-02-02 09:46:42


Suitable for signal connector prices Straight and curved horn sockets for flat cables, simple horn sockets and crimp fittings for use with them. The connection is mainly made up of three parts, which are a needle seat, a pressure joint and a cable.

The main needle spacing is 2.54mm, 2.00mm, 1.27mm; double row form. The boss on the plug and the positioning groove on the needle seat have anti-missing effect.
1, cable selection



The cross-sectional dimensions, toughness and flexibility of the cable should provide adequate current load capacity and strength. Generally, thin conductors should not be used.

2, selection principle

The horn type flat cable connector has a horn, which occupies a large space, and the current usage level is generally less than 2A. The structural requirements should be fully considered when selecting.

The simple horn is easy to loose due to the lack of a snap connection and takes up less space, but it is not recommended for use in a vibrating environment.

It is recommended to select a needle holder and plug with an anti-interruption device.http://www.fdragtech.com/

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