How does the PIN pin touch resistance of cheap RJ45 connector be affected

How does the PIN pin touch resistance of cheap RJ45 connector be affected

2019-02-02 09:34:01


The touch resistance of PIN pin of cheap RJ45 connector is mainly affected by touch element data, straight pressure, appearance shape, applied voltage and current, etc.

1. Straight pressure on the surface of the touch surface

The exterior straight pressure of the touching parts refers to the force that occurs when touching each other's exterior and directly touches the exterior. With the increase of vertical pressure, the number and area of touch micro-dots are gradually added, and together touch micro-dots transit from elastic deformation to plastic deformation. Because the concentrated resistance decreases gradually, the touch resistance decreases.

The positive pressure of touch depends primarily on the shape and data function of the touch device.

2. Application Voltage

When the applied voltage reaches a certain threshold, the film layer of the touching part will be broken down, and the touch resistance will decrease rapidly. However, because the thermal effect accelerates the chemical reaction in the adjacent area of the film, it has a certain correction effect on the film. So the resistance is non-linear. In the vicinity of the threshold voltage, the slight oscillation of the voltage drop may cause the current to change in a range of 20 or tens of times. Make the touch resistance change dramatically. If you don't understand this situation, you will make mistakes in testing and using touch devices.

3. Touch material

The technical conditions of electrical connectors are the same standard interpolation touch parts made of different materials, and different touch resistance checking targets are regulated. Quickly separates from the general standard GJB101-86 of environment-resistant electrical connectors. Touch resistance of inserting touch parts with diameter of 1mm is less than 5m_for copper alloys and 15m_for ferroalloys.

4. Appearance Shape

The surface shape includes the planned shape and the environmental state. The surface of the touch part may be a loose surface film formed by mechanical adherence and accumulation of dust, rosin and oil on the contact surface. Because the surface film with particulate matter is easily embedded in the micro-pits of the touch surface, the touch area is reduced, the touch resistance is increased, and it is extremely unstable. Secondly, because of the contaminated membranes formed by physical adsorption and chemical adsorption, chemical adsorption is the primary chemical adsorption on the surface of metals. It occurs after physical adsorption along with electron migration. Therefore, for some products with high reliability requirements, such as space electrical connectors, it is necessary to have clean installation and production environment conditions, perfect cleaning process and necessary structural sealing measures, and the use unit must have excellent storage and operation environment conditions.


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