How the waterproof RJ45 connector works

How the waterproof RJ45 connector works

2019-02-01 15:38:25


How the waterproof RJ45 connector works

The waterproof RJ45 connector works through the (local area network) network cable to provide the access point (wireless access point) for the original power supply. There is no need to separately connect the power supply cable to the new power supply mode. Many enterprises have begun to use poe to reduce the cost of setting up a wireless area network, because the poe technology can save a lot of money and complicated lines for purchasing and installing a large number of power sockets and power lines. And ensure the reliability of the source of power.



In addition, poe can also allow ip phone users to continue to use the phone when the power source is interrupted, and truly achieve the goal of blackout.

The waterproof rj45 connector introduced to the poe works by letting the dc power supply use the unused lines of the cat5 cable to transfer power. It also has two functions: data transmission interface and power line.

If the remote ap adopts poe, it will make the system architecture simpler, greatly reduce the cable usage, make it easier to maintain, more convenient, and reduce costs.

Waterproof rj45 connector brief description and poe's own stability and security, also has remote monitoring function, no adapter, whether it is 110v or 220v voltage power can be universal, so there will be more in the future The end product of the Ethernet connection uses poe technology.

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