How to Ensure the Reliability of Network Smooth by Cheap RJ45 Connector

How to Ensure the Reliability of Network Smooth by Cheap RJ45 Connector

2019-02-02 09:07:37


How can the cheap RJ45 connector ensure the reliability of the network? Especially for network applications in harsh environments, some connector locking structures, such as screw or clamp connectors, have been widely used for network connection, but this connection method can not clearly confirm whether the connection is correct, and it is time-consuming and laborious. UBIDE's new RJRB series provides a secure plug and socket that meets IP67 performance requirements for the RJ45 connector connection system. This kind of plug uses the anti-clamp connection mode. When the plug and socket are connected, the sound of locking pin can be clearly heard, which is helpful to judge whether the plug and socket are well connected. Similarly, when disconnecting, it can be disconnected only by slightly rotating in the opposite direction, which is very convenient. It is no longer necessary to fix the connection between plugs and sockets by tightening the threads of the plugs and sockets, as traditional connectors do, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the network connection.


RJ45 connector series features as follows:

Low Cost: Use standard waterproof RJ45 connectors and crystal heads.

No signal attenuation: Since the plug and socket need not destroy or interrupt any original connection structure, there is no signal attenuation.

Convenient connection: No installation tools are needed, and quick installation and use can be achieved according to installation instructions.

RJ45 connector is reliable to connect and prevent vibration. Because the plug socket uses the anti-clamp connection mode, it is more reliable than other ways such as traditional threads. The waterproof RJ45 connector meets the requirements of IP67 standard.


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