Installation Skills of RJ45 Connector

Installation Skills of RJ45 Connector

2019-02-01 14:50:27


RJ45 connector is a kind of electronic component that connects the connecting wire with the appropriate components to realize the circuit connection and disconnection. In order to ensure the normal operation of the network connector, it is very important for RJ45 network connector to carry out security checks within a certain period of use. The following are the matters that should be considered during the installation of the RJ45 network connector:

(1) When disconnecting the wire connector, carefully observe the connection mode of the connector. First of all, it is necessary to release the locking reed or press the clip button to dismantle the network connector. Do not force it to open. When assembling, the connector should be inserted to the bottom and locked in the opposite way.

(2) Installation of RJ45 connectors must be carried out when the power switch is closed, otherwise the relevant electrical components will be burned due to short circuit of current.

(3) When checking RJ45 connector with multimeter, the bars should not exert too much force on the metal terminals when inserting, in order to prevent bad contact caused by deformation.

(4) When some waterproof conductor RJ45 connectors are removed and tested, the sealing ring should be carefully removed to prevent damage to the sealing ring and affect the waterproof effect; when assembling, the sealing ring must be installed in place. Otherwise, water may enter the connector and cause circuit failure.


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