Introduction and application of power connector

Introduction and application of power connector

2019-01-23 14:24:16


The Power connector includes an insulative housing and a plurality of terminals. The insulative housing has a plurality of receiving slots for receiving the terminals. The insulative housing is further provided with at least one tab, and the tabs isolate the terminals. The terminals respectively have a barb, and the terminals respectively extend outwardly from the first sides of the barbs to form a plurality of contact portions, and the plurality of wires are fixed on the second sides of the barbs; through the above structure, the barb insertion of the terminals can be achieved In the insulating body, and the terminals are easy to assemble, it is only necessary to push into the insulating body, and the short-circuit equivalent energy does not occur between the terminals.




Has been widely used in electric forklifts, golf carts, tour buses, electric cruise ships, electric washing machines, mining electric vehicles, ups uninterruptible power supplies, power communication railway systems and other products. Power Connector Design Application Processing Technology Data Recipe Method 1. Universal power connector for connecting flexible cable to rigid device in any structure of many structures 2. Power connector with thermal insulation element 3. Wafer power supply Connectors 4. Combined power conversion plug connectors for a wide range of sensors, actuators and power supplies, as well as data applications in automotive, industrial electronics, computer technology, consumer electronics or medical engineering.

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