Leading Sales of Power Connectors

Leading Sales of Power Connectors

2019-01-30 11:50:07


In the past few years, the automotive connector industry has developed rapidly. In 2016, the global production of automotive connectors is about 46.65 billion, and the sales revenue of power connectors is 14.1 billion US dollars.

In the next few years, the development speed of automobile connector market will also be very fast. It is predicted that the global output will reach 75.07 billion units and the revenue market will reach 21.25 billion US dollars by 2022.

Advanced automobile connector manufacturers come from developed regions such as North America, Europe and Japan. Some of them have been built in China to meet local market demand.

Europe is the largest consumer market with a market share of more than 28%. Following Europe, North America is the second largest market with a share of about 23.5%. In 2016, China produced more than 28 million new cars, but due to the low consumption of bicycles, the market size still ranks third.


There are many connector manufacturers in China, most of which have low production capacity. Some leading connectors are in the lead in the new energy automobile market.


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