New signal connector series - impact your three views

New signal connector series - impact your three views

2019-02-01 15:13:21


Often appearing in the automation market

Input signal connector and receiver do not match

Such as switching PNP and NPN

Analog voltage signal and current signal
This situation is common though

But there is no solution that is particularly satisfying.

Nothing more than replacing the signal source or receiver

Or use a signal isolator, etc.

And these solutions will all face

Difficulties in the use of costs and expansion of installation space


So that users often have to

Cost increases, modification of lines, cabinet space, etc.

The final result is still not so satisfactory.

The user bluntly "solved" the problem

For this reason, Gino has launched a series of signal conversion connectors.

Meet the needs of users with cost-effective products

The following four M12-4 core pre-cast connectors are available for you to choose from.
In order to better solve user needs

GSEE-TECH abandoned the original imperfect solution

Customized a signal conversion connector for it

In the case of stability and accuracy of use

Easy conversion of 0~10V voltage signal and 4~20mA current signal
New signal conversion series connector

Cost-effective, easy to operate and flexible

Filling the market gap for industrial field signal conversion

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