Outdoor electronic product classification

Outdoor electronic product classification

2019-01-31 10:57:04


Boring life? Buy yourself some small outdoor electronics that might surprise you.

A smart watch

A smart watch is one or more functions, such as reminder, navigation, calibration, monitoring and interaction, that have information processing capacity and can indicate time in line with the basic functions of the watch. Display mode includes pointer, number, image, etc.


Second, the motion camera

The sports camera is about the size of two or three match boxes, small and light, but also has a head, remote control rod and other peripheral to help you take a big picture, fisheye lens, night vision function is more powerful than the mobile phone.

Third, mobile phone bluetooth remote control

The bluetooth remote control is also called the wireless shutter, which solves the problem of no one pressing the shutter when the camera phone is held up. Hold the phone in one hand and hold the wireless shutter in the other.

Bluetooth headset

The advantage of bluetooth earphone is to get rid of the trouble of the line, it is convenient to make a phone call, the disadvantage is to listen to the concert has the sound loss, see video will have a little delay. Therefore, it is recommended for business people to make phone calls while driving. Bluetooth headset is more suitable for phone calls, but it is not recommended for music lovers.



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