Power connector use end connection points

Power connector use end connection points

2019-02-02 10:08:41


1) when the power connector is connected, it shall be connected and checked in strict accordance with the corresponding connection specifications or requirements, and shall be connected in accordance with the corresponding contact serial number. The thickness of the maximum insulation layer between the selected cables and wires should be matched with the distance between the contact parts, and the cable core should be matched with the terminal of the contact parts. When the contact parts cross and parallel, the diameter of the stranded multiple wire cores should be considered, and it is forbidden to cross and parallel the contact parts between the compression holes.

2) when welding, the corresponding power of the electric soldering iron should be selected according to the naked wire diameter, and the welding time of each contact piece should generally not exceed 5s. Attention should be paid not to allow the flux to infiltrate into the insulator, so as to avoid reducing the insulation resistance of the product;


3) when cleaning the power connector (including the cleaning of the contact parts), the silk cloth dipped in anhydrous ethanol can be used, which can be used after drying. It is not allowed to use acetone and other chemical solvents that have harmful effects on power supply connectors.

4) when the power connector is in the non-pluggable state, it must be covered with the corresponding protective cover or other dust prevention measures.



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