Precautions when purchasing a cheap signal connector TV

Precautions when purchasing a cheap signal connector TV

2019-01-28 11:06:07


Buying the 10 kinds of video interfaces mentioned in the cheap signal connector, except the last three (DisplayPort, IEEE 1394, BNC), have basically been used on TV, and some TVs even have all these seven interfaces, as A sensible consumer, what Should we think of when we buy TV, what interfaces must be in order to connect with other appliances in the home? Which interfaces have been eliminated and are not commonly used? Below we will discuss these interfaces in three categories.

1, RF, composite video and S terminal

In the era of CRT TV, they are indispensable, otherwise there is no way to watch TV and connect VCD and DVD players. But now That LCD TVs have become so popular, and home cable TVs have also been connected to digital set-top boxes, these interfaces are basically useless.

Things are at the other angle. What we should be wary of is that with the popularization of the concept of "HD", many audio and video products are promoted under the banner of high-definition, and there are some unscrupulous merchants in it "SD" products sell "HD" prices, how to judge? There is a basic method: if the video input and output of this product only have these three interfaces (one of them), this product must not support high-definition signals , and the display or output screen must not meet the high-definition standard.

2, color difference

The color difference interface transmit analog video signals, but the color difference interface can support video signals from standard definition (480P, 576P) to high definition (720P, 1080i, 1080P), so basically the DVDs on the market are preferred color difference interface output , so we are You need to pay attention when purchasing TV, try to have this interface.

3, VGA, DVI and HDMI

These three interfaces are high-definition interfaces, especially the HDMI interface, which has been promoted by the major TV manufacturers as the only high-definition interface. It seems that as long as the HDMI interface is available, the TV immediately rises to a higher Level! In fact, the effect of DVI and HDMI is the same, the effect of VGA is a little worse, but the gap is not obvious, especially when working at 720P (1280X720) resolution, three interfaces There should be no difference.

Considering the increasing number of real HD products, especially the current LCD TV display resolution has reached or even exceeded the computer monitor, it is easy to connect the computer and TV to form a "HD" home theater, so we strongly recommend buying when you Are LCD TV, be sure to buy VGA, DVI and HDMI interfaces, especially the HDMI interface, the more the better.



6th generation video interface changes

Video signal processing technology has gone through 6 generations:

The first generation, Composite Video Broadcast Signal (CVBS);

2nd generation, S-VIDEO;

3rd generation, Ypbpr (one kind of RGB signal);

4th generation, VGA, currently used is VGA expansion mode (Super Video Graphic Array, SVGA), can support 1080*768 resolution;

5th generation, Digital Visual Interface (DVI);

The 6th generation, High Definition Multimedia (HDMI) and DP (Display Port, a high-definition digital display interface standard).

Between them, the first generation to the fourth generation video signal transmission are all analog signals, including VGA is to convert the image signal existing in the digital signal in the display memory into a high frequency analog signal output.

DVI transmit digital signals, digital image information is directly transferred to the display device without any conversion, thus reducing the digital-analog-digital cumbersome conversion process, which saves time, so it is faster and can Effectively eliminates smear, and uses DVI for data Transmission, the signal is not attenuated, and the color is purer and more realistic.

Often referred to as the High Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI is the first digital interface to support all-digital high-definition, multi-channel audio and intelligent format and control command data transmitted over a single cable without compression. In the two-year high -definition display and TV, the HDMI interface has become popular. HDMI is derived from DVI technology, mainly based on the TMDS signal transmission technology of a US company, which is why HDMI interface and DVI interface can be converted by adapter.

It has a higher resolution than HDMI. It is not available in general monitors and TVs. It is a rare interface, only on some HD Monitors and TVs. Used, but developed more quickly.

The video products of the domestic "Eleventh Five-Year" period all have VGA interface, therefore, the VGA inte

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