Professional sales of waterproof power connectors

Professional sales of waterproof power connectors

2019-01-30 10:42:40


Waterproof power connector, as its name implies, is a kind of power supply used to connect devices to achieve waterproof effect. Usually in the LED. But there are many kinds of waterproof connectors. Different kinds of waterproof connectors have different uses and different adaptations.Flydragon (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in sales of waterproof power connectors, research and development.


Professionals will mainly choose from the shell, volume, material and other aspects of waterproof connectors, so the connectors on the panel should also take into account the beauty. Connectors are usually made up of plugs and sockets. The most common one is our LED display lamp. It can be said that connectors are popular in people's lives. But common waterproof connectors usually use insulated shells to protect them. In some complex and extreme working environments, ordinary connectors are difficult to ensure the safety of equipment, so a waterproof connector is designed. For example, in underwater environment, if the most traditional connector is still used to connect, water will invade the circuit and cause damage to the equipment and the machine. Therefore, waterproof connectors are used to connect many LEDs. But it has to be said that waterproof connectors can also be divided into many types, different types also have different application environments.


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