RJ45 connector sales volume is very popular

RJ45 connector sales volume is very popular

2019-01-28 14:16:24


In many people's eyes, only "military grade" means the highest level of product quality, but this is not the case. For connector products across all fields, whether RJ-45 connector sales, D-sub connector, or optical fiber connector, connector manufacturers are making them more robust to adapt to industrial, medical and telecommunications applications. Bad environment.


In the market of industrial Ethernet connectors, high protection level and on-site fast operation have become the selling points of mainstream manufacturers'products. At the same time, 10 Gigabit (10G) transmission applications have become the mainstream trend of the market. Establishing seamless 10G Ethernet transmission network system between industrial site and office is the current mainstream development trend in the industry.


After years of development, the most widely used RJ-45 connector in the market continues to play an important role.


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