RJ45 network connector purchase knowledge

RJ45 network connector purchase knowledge

2019-01-31 14:49:44


RJ45 connector purchase knowledge

1, excellent dielectric function: for low-frequency electric rj45 network interface, begging for insulation resistance, high dielectric strength, the insulation resistance between the general contact and ground should be greater than 1Ω; at a low voltage of 0.44MPa, the experimental voltage is 500V, There should be no arcing or breakdown. For high-frequency electrical connectors, in addition to satisfying the above requirements, it is desirable to have low dielectric loss and low dielectric constant.
2, high heat resistance temperature: the general heat distortion temperature should be above 200 ° C, in order to withstand the high temperature of the equipment equipment or welding, and can withstand the heating temperature of the plug itself.
3, good arc resistance: to ensure that it can withstand the damage to the plastic caused by the arc in the process of plugging equipment.
4, good flame retardancy: to prevent the occurrence of fire in abnormal conditions such as short circuit, in order to prevent the harm of toxic gases to the human body, the best choice of halogen-free flame retardant materials.

5, rj45 network interface has satisfactory mechanical function: good resistance, to prevent thrust; high tortuosity to prevent deformation; specific experimental conditions are under certain vibration shock conditions (vibration frequency 20 ~ 60Hz, acceleration 5g) , 500 pieces of plastic parts are inserted and removed without mechanical damage and cracks. RJ45 with transformer
6, suitable for the placement of inserts: the coefficient of linear expansion should be small, and the connection with the insert after the temperature change is still robust. The standard stability is high. During the specific use process, the creep is small and does not warp after the force is applied. Generally, the standard accuracy of the hole pitch between the contacts is required to be 6 levels.
7, processing fluidity is good: in line with the increasingly miniaturized electronic connectors. RJ45 connector
8, excellent solvent resistance: plastic parts should not be corroded and cracked when subjected to solvents.
9. No corrosive gas: During the use of plastic parts, there should be no corrosive gas on the silver plating layer to prevent the conductive function of the contact parts from being affected.

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