RTU monitoring system applications

RTU monitoring system applications

2019-01-29 10:59:53


RTU  (remote terminal unit) monitoring system , English full name Remote Terminal Unit, Chinese full name is remote monitoring terminal, responsible for monitoring and control of on-site signals and industrial equipment. In general terms, it is the equipment for collecting and transmitting data from industrial sites.

The main application fields of RTU equipment are also extensive, and can be applied to different industrial occasions by matching different sensors.


Such as the well water level and manhole cover monitoring, including pipeline pressure, drainage well water level, and manhole cover loss monitoring;
There are also monitoring of fire facilities, including pipeline pressure, fire pool water level, and spray pipe pressure monitoring;

RTU equipment is the product of the Internet of Things era, the Internet of Everything, which is also the carrier of the Industrial Internet. RTU equipment has accelerated the development of information systems in various fields of industry, and has truly achieved unattended industrial sites.

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