Sales Development of Power Connector

Sales Development of Power Connector

2019-01-30 10:26:21


Power connector, as the key component of current or signal connection, is also an important part of industrial system. Connectors, ranging from airplanes, rockets to mobile phones, televisions, and so on, come into being in various forms, bridging circuits or other components and assuming the role of current or signal connection. The sales of power connectors are still optimistic from the forecast of major industry organizations. From the development trend of connectors, which aspects deserve attention and are particularly promising?


New Energy and Electronization of Automobile Promote the Demand Growth of Automotive Connectors

Although the energy automobile industry has experienced twists and turns, it is still the trend of the times. However, the traditional connector equipment is difficult to meet its high current and high voltage requirements, so connector manufacturers are also laying out high-power connection products for new energy vehicles.


New Kinetic Energy of USB Type-C Connector in Consumer Electronics

It is the trend of "lightening" consumer electronics that promotes the rise of USB Type-C. As the size of these devices becomes smaller and smaller, the power consumption of these devices is also increasing. At the same time, they have to deal with the increasing amount of information and data. There is no doubt that manufacturers are facing serious challenges in how to better realize wireless charging and data transmission of devices. Small-size, high-performance mobile devices also put forward corresponding requirements for connector suppliers. Connector products must play a more elaborate role in a limited space to make a variety of products, saving space for equipment manufacturers to add more new functional devices.


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