Sales of automotive power connectors have been steadily gaining market share

Sales of automotive power connectors have been steadily gaining market share

2019-01-30 10:32:16


With the continuous popularity of new energy vehicles, the impact of new technologies on the traditional automotive industry is accelerating the transformation of the automotive industry. Nowadays, automobiles are more than just a vehicle. People are demanding more and more on the safety, environmental protection, comfort and intelligence of automobiles, which will bring new development opportunities to the sales of power connectors.


There are nearly 100 kinds of connectors for general automobiles, and hundreds of connectors for a single model. Clemenson University's Vehicle Electronics Laboratory has listed 54 functions under computer-based electronic control in typical modern cars.


These include a series of apparently electronic control projects, such as airbag deployment, anti-lock braking, engine control, entertainment and navigation systems, and many other amazing features.


From the global market point of view, automobile connectors currently account for more than 10% of the whole connector industry. "With the market's increasing demand for automobile's three major trends of'intelligent interconnection','green environmental protection','safe travel', the application of automobile electronic products will also increase day by day, which will promote the further growth of the number of applications of automobile connectors, which is expected to account for a larger proportion in the future." This is what the project manager of TE Automobile Department said.


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