Signal connector development background

Signal connector development background

2019-01-31 10:26:01


Under the impetus of the information and equipment technology, communication, railway transportation, aerospace, medical equipment, high-end weapons in the areas of digital information technology and equipment will be put forward higher requirements on the performance of the signal connector products, such as high density, modular, high reliability, multi-function, etc., in order to meet the transmission system of modularization, integration, resistance to environment, anti-jamming and so on various application requirements. In the past, the most important factors in the development of electrical connectors were mechanical characteristics, such as the insertion and extraction force and the flatness of the foot.

Then consider the electrical characteristics of the connector, such as insulation resistance, rated current, contact resistance, etc. However, with the advent of high-speed communication era, the performance requirements for electrical connectors are more stringent, and the transmission line effect caused by high-speed transmission cannot be ignored. The signal integrity problem of high-speed connector has become a key factor in connector design.

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