Signal connector price research status at home and abroad

Signal connector price research status at home and abroad

2019-01-25 10:33:44


At present, Signal connector Price has become the second pillar industry of electronic components. According to statistics from the latest connector authoritative research institute Bishop & Associates, sales of connectors in the Chinese market in 2013 have reached US$13.6 billion, accounting for the global market 24% of the market share.



China has become the largest sales market for connectors. The development and application of high-speed connector began in developed countries in Europe and America. International large-scale connector manufacturers led by Molex, Tyco, FCI and other companies have always mastered the technology and The cutting-edge technology of the connector manufacturing industry, especially in communications and military applications where high transmission speed, environmental resistance, high reliability, low crosstalk and low noise are required, international companies have obvious advantages, and in this field The Profit level of connector products is also relatively high.
As customers demand higher and higher transmission speeds, foreign connector suppliers continue to adopt new design techniques and processes to optimize the fine-tuning of their products based on their original products, such as the use of soft-interference connection board technology (The hole in The board can be made smaller; the custom plastic is used to compensate for signal tilt and it is recommended to ream the board. To meet system performance and reliability requirements, system designers carefully balance the relationship between transmission speed, power, and package density.



As the processing and transmission of large data volumes in interconnected systems grows, the requirements for transmission speed are constantly being promoted. The data transmission rate of foreign high-speed communication systems has been changed from the original 6.25Gbps to 12.5Gbps, and it is Popularized to 25Gbps. In the future, the data transmission rate will be increased to 40Gbps, 100Gbps or even 1Tbps, and the high-speed connectors that match it will also be Get faster development.

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