Special advantages of cheap RJ45 connector

Special advantages of cheap RJ45 connector

2019-01-29 10:34:35


Cheap RJ45 connector is divided into three types: quick connection head, quick connection head and fast connection panel head. Its structure is simple, easy to take and install. Passepartout's sealing skill makes it waterproof and can be used in water environment without any influence on its original information and communication function.

RJ45 connector is reliable in function and long in service life. The special advantages of RJ45 connector are as follows:

1. Rapid and efficient mating between male and female: RJ45 connector has an excellent advantage over the usual products in the industry. Before you buy our products for formal operation, you no longer need to do complicated and difficult welding work. You just need to rotate our products on the top of one male and one female. You don't need a lot of laborious work, so that you can use them efficiently and easily.

2. The function index of commodity test is high: RJ45 connector is a rigid plastic shell made of nylon material, which is made of five, super five or six kinds of cable crystal heads according to various specifications. It is convenient and fast for male and female to dock. All the commodities are concise and concise, and the effect of performance is incalculable. It can satisfy the long-term application in abnormal bad environment or underwater, the effectiveness of waterproof and dust-proof can reach the IP68 standard of the world, the sealing skill of RJ45 connector can reach the forefront of the professional test specification, and its service life is much longer than that of the waterproof joint of the usual waterproof grade.

3. Because the RJ45 connector is directly enclosed with a high sealing coefficient, and does not make any changes to the original crystal head and wire, the signal will not be shielded or weakened in the process of operation.

4. IP68 waterproof grade certification: RJ45 connector has passed IP68 waterproof grade test and obtained certification. Other functions have been tested and certified, such as CE certification, RoHS certification, UL certification, CCC certification. Goods with high quality and low quotation are always good to seek.


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