The new Lattice Snap module helps manufacturers quickly build alternatives to inexpensive Cheap Usb connector

The new Lattice Snap module helps manufacturers quickly build alternatives to inexpensive Cheap Usb connector

2019-01-31 09:46:02


Lattice Snap Module Drives Cheap Usb Connector 60 GHz Wireless Technology for Consumer Electronics and Embedded Applications

Lattice Snap Module delivers the leading edge of SiBEAM Snap technology for stable, environmentally friendly and interconnect solutions without physical connectors at transfer rates up to 12 Gbps

Provide international compliance support to accelerate time to market

Lattice Snap Evaluation Kit enables manufacturers to easily implement short-range 60 GHz wireless technology for applications such as mobile accessories, tablets, laptops, sports and surveillance cameras

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC), a leading provider of customized smart interconnect solutions markets, today announced that the Lattice Snap® wireless connector product line is welcoming new members for consumption 60 GHz wireless technology solutions for a wide range of applications in the electronics and embedded industries. Built on production-proven Lattice SiBEAM® 60GHz technology, the new Lattice Snap module helps manufacturers easily integrate short-range, high-speed 60 GHz wireless solutions into their products. To further simplify the design process, Lattice integrates capture modules (in compliance with regulatory requirements across multiple jurisdictions) into a capture evaluation suite to help manufacturers quickly prototype and accelerate time-to-market.
Ehren Achee, CTO of SecuraShot, said: "We are looking for a stable, easy-to-integrate wireless solution that does not require a lot of design support. The Lattice Capture Module meets all our needs and helps us develop more stable and reliable products. Support for wireless data transmission."


The Snap module provides 12 Gbps full-duplex bandwidth (subframe delay) and is ideal for replacing physical connectors such as USB. By eliminating physical connectors, the industrial design of next-generation products will become thinner, lighter, and more environmentally friendly, while enabling stable, high-speed interconnect applications. To help new and existing customers build prototypes faster, Lattice has launched a quadruple evaluation kit that includes capture modules, system design guides and enhanced debugging tools.

Lattice Senior Manager Abdullah Raouf said: "As a leader in wireless interconnect solutions, Lattice Snap products are the best proof of our commitment to product innovation. SiBEAM Snap wireless connector technology for smartphones, tablets and notebooks Data transfer for a wide range of high-volume mobile applications, such as computers, offers unique advantages. The new Snap module not only speeds time-to-market, but also helps manufacturers more easily integrate 60 GHz technology into more consumer electronics and industrial products.

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