The next-generation VR head-to-head interface standard is determined, and only a cheap Usb connector can operate

The next-generation VR head-to-head interface standard is determined, and only a cheap Usb connector can operate

2019-01-31 09:23:44


Very online July 18, 2018 News After the VR cheap Usb connector became a new trend, there are also many problems plaguing VR users, such as when experiencing the realism created by VR devices, they are often connected to the device. The different ports of the port are pulled back to reality and the experience is greatly reduced.

However, this kind of thing will be changed. A new industry consortium of Microsoft, Oculus, Valve, NVIDIA and AMD has released a connector standard called VirtualLink, an open industry standard that enables next-generation VR headsets to connect via a single high-bandwidth USB Type-C Connect PCs and other devices. This new connection is an alternative to USB-C, which not only simplifies and speeds up VR setup time, but also brings an immersive VR experience to small devices with fewer ports, such as thin and light notebooks.
Companies that have jointly developed industry standards say the standard was developed to meet the connectivity needs of current and next-generation VR headsets. In fact, switching to a USB Type-C connector does reduce confusion and is a great benefit for further VR devices.


It is reported that a single VirtualLink connector provides four high-speed HBR3 DisplayPort channels (expandable for future needs), a USB3.1 data channel for high-resolution cameras and sensors, and up to 27 watts of power. Designed specifically for VR, VirtualLink optimizes latency and bandwidth requirements, enabling both head-mounted and PC manufacturers to deliver next-generation VR experiences.

However, VirtualLink says the new standard is only for the next generation of VR hardware, so at this stage you still have to deal with those extra annoying cables.
However, it is clear that the development of this standard will enhance the user experience and bring more possibilities to all hardware manufacturers and developers. With a high-bandwidth cable, VirtualLink is able to take full advantage of the PC's potential to create a stunning VR experience.

The next generation of VR heads is worth looking forward to.

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