The price of RJ45 connector is factory price.

The price of RJ45 connector is factory price.

2019-01-26 10:10:10


Flydragon (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. supplies RJ45 connector prices are factory prices, high quality. How to choose the connecting machine? We should pay attention to a few points:

1. Structural Dimensions: Connector Size is very important

2. Impedance matching: Some signals have impedance requirements, especially RF signals.

3. Shielding: With the development of communication products, more and more attention has been paid to EMC. When choosing connectors, metal case is needed.

4. Anti-error insertion: Anti-error insertion has two aspects: on the one hand, the connector itself rotates 180 degrees, and the wrong connection leads to wrong signal connection. At this time, we need to pay attention to the selection of anti-error insertion connector as far as possible.

5. Connector reliability: Connectors are used to connect signals, so the connecting parts should be reliable (for example, surface contact is better than point contact, pinhole type is better than leaf spring type, etc.)

6. Use environment: Connectors have special requirements when they are used in outdoor, indoor, high temperature, high humidity, salt spray, mold, cold and other environments.

7. Universality: In the process of selecting connectors, we should choose general objects as far as possible. Especially between the same series of products, the selection of connectors has a strong versatility, reducing the types of materials, increasing the quantity and reducing the cost, and at the same time reducing the risk of supply.

8. Lock-in function: In order to stop the connector falling off when cooperating and ensure good contact, it is necessary for the connector to have lock-in function.

9. Cost: Cost is also an important factor in the selection process. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the appropriate choice of connectors, connectors'own costs and processing costs need to be considered comprehensively.

10. Supply situation: The supply of connectors will be affected by many factors. The supply situation of universal connectors is better than that of non-universal connectors, and the supply situation of domestic production is better than that of foreign production.

11. Plug and Drop Frequency

12. Plug-in can better reflect its environmental performance in the design of external materials, because the external environment is extremely complex, so adapting to these complex environments can ensure its performance. Otherwise, not only can it not work well, but also it may be dangerous.

13. Because the main quality of connectors are inside, especially the internal wiring, which is not visible to the naked eye, we must remember to look at the brand and appearance when purchasing, it is best to require quality assurance.


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