There are several types of power connectors

There are several types of power connectors

2019-01-25 15:01:30


There are several types of power connectors

Connector, English is the connector, is a component that our electronic engineering technicians often touch, the role is to transmit current or signal. However, connectors of different model categories have different uses. With the advancement of science and technology and social development, the application fields and new varieties of connectors are also changing with each passing day. Obviously, it is no longer applicable to classify them in a fixed pattern, but generally we follow their shape, use, connection, and contact. Body termination and environmental protection are still effective in naming and dividing connectors. Let's let our software engineers use their professional knowledge and rich experience in the industry to give you a concise description of the electrical connectors.




According to the shape: circular electrical connector, rectangular electrical connector. Circular electrical connectors are used most in equipment (aviation, aerospace). Rectangular electrical connectors are more commonly used on printed circuit boards for electronic devices.

According to the purpose: sealed electrical connector, high temperature electrical connector, separate electrical connector, filter electrical connector, power connector and printed circuit board electrical connector.



According to the connection method: threaded connection, bayonet (fast) connection, card lock connection, push-pull connection, in-line connection, etc.;

According to the contact body termination form: crimping, welding, winding; screw (cap) fixing;

According to environmental protection: environmentally friendly electrical connectors and ordinary electrical connectors

As for other kinds of different types according to working frequency, special structure, special performance, etc., and often appear in the publicity of related publications and manufacturers, but this is generally to highlight the special attributes of a product or a certain The original design and invention of the company. The classifications introduced here are our general classification criteria that take into account the current state of development of connectors and the common standards for you.


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