To build a standardization of the power connector industry

To build a standardization of the power connector industry

2019-01-29 10:05:48


“Before signing the contract processing contract, the company should conduct a detailed investigation of the registration status of the domestic and exporting countries of the trademark to avoid the trademark infringement caused by unconsciousness,” said Zhou Shengjie, head of the trademark and advertising section of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau. Recently, Guanhaiwei Market Supervision Branch held a power interview industry administrative interview training meeting to discuss the healthy development of the power connector industry.

Guanhaiwei Town's power connector has a long history of development, complete industrial chain, and obvious advantages in regional clustering. It is the hometown of power connectors in the country. In recent years, the town's power connector industry has grown steadily. Now it has 37 enterprises in the finished product manufacturing industry and nearly 100 supporting enterprises in various industrial chains. A number of industry leaders such as Bull, Handian and Hongyi have emerged. As the largest industry in the town, the output value in 2016 exceeded 6 billion yuan.

It is understood that since the official implementation of the new national standard on April 14 this year, if the compulsory product certification certificate and the mandatory product certification mark are not obtained, it may not be used in the factory, sold or used in other business activities. In order to accelerate the implementation of the new national standard in the industry, further improve the quality of Guanhaiwei power connector products, launch the name of the power connector industry in the city, standardize the network sales behavior of the industry enterprises, and observe the regulation of the Haiwei market supervision branch to promote the standardization of the power connector industry. 
The person in charge of the Haiwei Market Supervision Sub-bureau introduced that after the implementation of the new national standard, the branch strengthened the guidance of the enterprises, conducted on-the-spot guidance on the changes of the old national standard and the application of the new national standard for the relevant enterprises, understood the difficulties encountered by the enterprises in the new and old conversion, and contacted them in time. Professional institutions will solve them and greatly improve the efficiency of technological transformation of enterprises. At the same time, in response to the partial export of some enterprises, the town specially coordinated the Municipal Commodity Inspection Bureau and the Zhenjing Office to conduct consultations, clarify the key points of certification of export enterprises, and help enterprises to export smoothly.



At the training meeting, the head of Shangguang Branch Zhou explained the two aspects of the brand-name processing and illegal advertisements according to the characteristics of the participating enterprises, and also cited various cases of advertising violations in the recent stage. It is more intuitive to understand the illegal situation of various advertisements; the chief of the quality inspection department Wang informed the status of the new national standard certificate of the power connector industry in Guanhaiwei Town, requiring enterprises to apply for evidence as soon as possible to seize the high point of the industry. In addition, according to the report complaints in the first half of the year, Guanhaiwei Market Supervision Branch requires enterprises to check and correct all the network and e-commerce platforms of the enterprise in accordance with the content of the meeting, and correct the content in violation.

Next, the Guanhaiwei Market Supervision Sub-bureau will check the regulations and conduct on-the-spot inspections of the company's production and sales, and improve the industry-wide quality level of the town's power connectors.

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