What are the special features of RJ45 connector socket design?

What are the special features of RJ45 connector socket design?

2019-02-01 14:58:13


Special design of RJ45 connector socket, RJ45 socket with built-in dust cover series sockets has a spring-loaded built-in dust cover, when inserting and pulling out jumper plugs, dust cover can automatically retract and pop out. In addition, its unique spring-supported "door" ensures that the jumper plug will not only insert part, but also affect stable data transmission.

Traditional RJ45 sockets with dust caps usually require two hands to open the dust caps and insert jumpers, while Molex enterprise wiring network with built-in dust caps sockets allows one hand to insert jumpers, which is easier to use. In addition, the door wipes the pins and pins every time it connects or disconnects, which can prevent dust and impurities from entering the connector in an all-round way, so as to maximize the protection of the socket and ensure reliable credit transmission capability. Molex socket with built-in dust cover has compact appearance (21 mm high, 21 mm wide and 26 mm thick), and achieves maximum density at each workstation. In a standard size rectangular wall panel, it can accommodate up to six sockets; in a standard size square wall panel with dust cover, it can accommodate up to four sockets. Its density is twice as high as that of traditional sockets.


In order to facilitate the user's plug-and-pull installation, 45 degree bevel operation can be used. In order to achieve this goal, the standard module is added with a 45 degree bevel panel, and the installation end of the module can also be directly designed as a 45 degree bevel.


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