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What are the waterproof materials for waterproof connectors?

What are the waterproof materials for waterproof connectors?

2018-07-29 14:57:19


Definition of waterproof sealing material:
Sealed materials that have a specific function of waterproofing(preventing the intrusion of liquids, gases, solids, acting as watertight and airtight) are called watertight seals.
As a waterproof sealing material, the substrate mainly includes oil base, rubber, resin, inorganic and other major categories. Among them, high-molecular synthetic materials with excellent performance such as rubber and resin are the main bodies of waterproof sealing materials, which are called polymer waterproof sealing materials. Their most basic and specific functions are to fill the gaps with complex configurations and unfavorable construction, and to be able to closely contact or adhere to uneven surfaces such as crevices and joints through compression deformation or fluid wetting, thus playing a waterproof sealing role. Polymer waterproof sealing material is a new type of material developed with the development of polymer chemical industry and adhesive industry under the condition that traditional sealing materials(such as leather, hemp wire, etc.) can no longer meet the requirements of waterproof. Polymer stationary sealing materials O rings, seals, sealing gaskets, etc.) and polymer amorphous sealing materials(rubber(sealant, etc.) have become the key materials to solve waterproof seals. In the whole waterproof sealing material has taken a dominant position.
Use of waterproof sealing materials:
The application range of waterproof sealing materials is very wide. Among the many application fields, the most typical application range is as follows.
1 The installation of curtain walls in construction projects; Glass installation of windows and doors and windows of buildings and seams; Concrete and brick wall expansion seams and bridges, roads, airport runway expansion seam seams; Docking seals for sewage and other drainage pipes.
Insulation and sealing in the manufacture and installation of electrical equipment; Instrument electronic components package, coil circuit insulation moisture.
3 Various types of waterproof seals in aerospace technology; Waterproof seal for transportation equipment and seal between glass and metal window frame; Seal between the connecting surfaces of mechanical equipment.
Waterproof seal for other cracks.


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