What do RTU, FTU, DTU, and TTU stand for? what differences are there?

What do RTU, FTU, DTU, and TTU stand for? what differences are there?

2019-01-29 10:46:13


Many people who look at DTU, FTU, RTU, and TTU are confused. What do RTU, FTU, DTU, and TTU represent? What are their uses? Shenzhen Yitong has made some brief comparative analysis for this exchange:

DTU: (Distribution Terminal Unit) power distribution terminal unit, used for opening and closing, ring network cabinet, multi-loop data acquisition, communication and management of substation. The main function of the DTU is to transmit the data of the remote device back to the background center wirelessly. With more loops, more parameters to monitor management capabilities, and upload to the upper level of the main station. DTU has been widely used in electric power, environmental protection, LED information release, logistics, hydrology, meteorology and other industries. Most DTUs are connected to industrial equipment, such as PLC, MCU and other automation products, and then establish wireless communication connection with the background.

FTU: (Feeder Terminal Unit) feeder remote terminal, used to measure the three-phase parameters of the feeder, monitor and protect the feeder in the distribution system, communicate with the distribution automation master station, provide information to the power distribution monitoring master station system, and execute The main station adjusts and controls the feeder and its terminal equipment. The FTU is a smart terminal device installed in a power distribution room or feeder.

RTU: (Remote Terminal Unit) remote terminal unit, which is commonly used for monitoring and controlling live signals and power equipment. RTUs typically have excellent communication capabilities and greater storage capacity for more harsh temperature and humidity environments, providing more computing power. RTU products are widely used in SCADA systems in industries such as oil and gas, water conservancy, power dispatching, and municipal dispatching.


TTU: (Transformer Terminal Unit) remote terminal of distribution transformer, used for information collection and control of distribution transformer. It monitors the operating condition of distribution transformer in real time, protects the safe operation of transformer, adjusts reactive power compensation, and can The collected information is transmitted to the primary station or other smart devices to provide the data needed for the operation and control of the power distribution system.

The main difference: DTU is the client of the SOCKET connection. Therefore, only the DTU can not complete the wireless transmission of data, and it also needs to be used together with the background software. FTU and RTU have the following differences: FTU is small in size and large in number. It can be placed on outdoor feeders, with transmitters, direct AC sampling, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, and adapt to outdoor harsh environments. RTU is installed indoors. The environment requirements are high; the amount of data collected by the FTU is small, the communication rate requirement is low, and the reliability requirement is high; and the RTU collects a large amount of data, has a high communication rate, and has high reliability requirements, and has a dedicated channel. The TTU is a single functional unit that only collects and controls the information of the distribution transformer.

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