What is a micro USB connector?

What is a micro USB connector?

2019-01-30 14:21:30


Micro USB connector (Micro USB) is a portable version of the USB 2.0 standard, which is smaller than the Mini USB interface currently used in some mobile phones. Micro-usb supports OTG, which, like mini-usb, is also 5pin. The definition of Micro series includes Micro-B series slots for standard devices. Micro-ab slots for OTG devices; Micro-a and micro-b plugs, and cables. The Micro series is unique in that they include a stainless steel case that can be plugged in and out 10,000 times.


Micro-usb connectors are smaller than standard USB and mini-usb connectors, saving space and reducing size by about 60 percent. With up to 10,000 times of plug and pull life and strength.

The micro-usb standard supports the current USB OTG function, that is, in the absence of a host (such as a personal computer), data can be directly transferred between portable devices.

Compatible with USB1.1 (low speed: 1.5mb /s, full speed :12Mb/s) and USB 2.0(high speed :480Mb/s), it provides data transfer and charging, especially suitable for high speed (HS) or higher rate data transfer, it is the best choice for connecting small devices (such as mobile phones, pdas, digital cameras, digital cameras and portable digital players, etc.).

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