Will the new iPhone also use USB C? Finally, I don’t have to go out with N lines.

Will the new iPhone also use USB C? Finally, I don’t have to go out with N lines.

2019-02-02 09:19:29


Every Spring Festival, it is inevitable to pack the luggage well, it is best to have a list, so as not to leak something, it is only awkward to return home.

Among them, the charging line may be the most annoying thing for everyone. Computer power cords, mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices have mainstream interfaces such as Micro USB, USB C and lightning. If you don't have any one, you will face the embarrassment that the device has no electricity and no waste.

However, in recent years, with the gradual popularization of the USB C interface, such interfaces that are both pluggable and smaller in size have been supported by major manufacturers. In particular, a new generation of notebook computers also generally support the use of the USB C interface to charge the PD, and this interface has gradually become mainstream. 

In 2016, Apple released the New Macbook with only one USB C interface, and then the entire Macbook series has adopted the USB C interface as the only charging/data transmission interface. This solution has begun to be regarded as too much by the industry and consumers. Radical, but now it has become a prescient.

In the iPad Pro released last year, Apple even gave up the lightning interface and used the USB C interface. Compared with the lightning interface, the USB C interface undoubtedly has better compatibility and device support when connecting other devices for content transmission and image output.

And now, according to Bloomberg News, the new iPhone, which will be released in 2019, will also use the USB C interface. This is a very shocking news for Apple users. If it comes true, it will also have a lot of impact. To know that in 2012, Apple used the lightning interface for the first time on the iPhone 5, replacing Apple's original 30-pin interface, which caused a lot of controversy. Apple even released a 30-pin to lightning adapter. Come as a transition to the old equipment.


Of course, in addition to controversy, it is a good thing for consumers to unify all the devices on their hands into a unified interface! This means that you only need to bring a USB C cable, which can charge and transfer all the devices on hand. Why not?

In addition, the unified interface is also conducive to third-party equipment manufacturers to concentrate on launching the corresponding interface equipment. For example, in recent years, many mobile phones have abandoned the 3.5mm headphone jack, leaving only the USB C interface, and expect consumers to also purchase USB C interface. Headphones, but due to the indifference of third-party headset manufacturers, the result is the accelerated development of Bluetooth headsets.

And if you even use the USB C interface for the iPhone (don't forget that it does not have a 3.5mm interface), this means that the global mobile device has unified the USB C interface, I believe that third-party manufacturers like headphones will also More concerned about the products of this interface.

Of course, some people will refute Apple and will not consider switching to the lightning interface on the iPhone, because this MFi license will earn a lot, but in fact, the USB standard can also add authorization and authentication chips (Apple I advise you kindly!), So this is not a big problem for Apple.

At the end of the day, there are still 8 months to release the iPhone from 2019. The expectation of the unified interface can only come slowly. I don't know if Apple will continue to give us some surprises in the interface of the new iPad launch in March.


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