What are the waterproof materials for waterproof connectors

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Connectors and their manufacturing methods and processes

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The top five applications for global connector sales are: automobiles, computers and their peripherals, communications, industrial equipment and aerospace, and military. The applications with the top five growth rates are consumer electronics, transportation electronics, medical electronics, communications electronics, computers and peripherals.

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Switching to USB Type-C connectors can reduce confusion and have great benefits for further popularizing VR devices.

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Electronic connectors are indispensable components in electronic equipment. They are widely used in both life and industrial production. It can be said that without electronic connectors, there is no modern and colorful life.

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Among the instruments used in various medical fields, connectors are ubiquitous - medical imaging, treatment, minimally invasive surgical instruments, implanted electronic devices, patient monitors, and various sensors.

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The connector simplifies the assembly process of electronic products. It also simplifies the mass production process;

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The manufacturing process of the electronic connector generally begins with a stamped pin. Through large high-speed presses, the electronic connectors (pins) are stamped from thin metal strips. One end of the large-volume metal strip is fed into the front end of the punching machine, and the other end is wound into the take-up reel through the hydraulic working table of the punching machine, and the metal strip is pulled out by the take-up reel and rolled out to punch out the finished product.

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Connectors play a very important role in electronic systems, and as technology improves, connectors are becoming more and more demanding, so the new design concept of connectors has also received widespread attention. Here are a few innovative designs to inject a bit of new air into the connector industry.

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Precision electronic connectors usually consist of plugs and sockets. The plugs are also called self-contained precision electronic connectors. The sockets are also called fixed precision electronic connectors.

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