Waterproof circular connectors are widely used in construction machinery, auto parts production lines, electrical electrical systems, minerals, oil and gas drilling anti-corrosion projects wind energy and solar energy, water projects, power station substations, subway airports, automatic control equipment, automation system engineering and many other fields .

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Good compatibility, small optical concentricity error

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The round electrical connector has advanced structure, convenient use, high reliability and conforms to the national standard GJB2889.

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RJ45 plug, also known as RJ45 Modular Plug, is used for data cable termination to connect and change devices and distribution frame modules.

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RJ45 is a kind of information socket (ie, communication terminal) connector in the wiring system. The connector consists of a plug (connector, crystal head) and a socket (module). The plug has 8 grooves and 8 contacts. RJ is an abbreviation for Registered Jack, meaning "registered socket." In the FCC (United States Federal Communications Commission Standards and Regulations), RJ is the interface describing the public telecommunication network, and the RJ45 of the computer network is the common name of the standard 8-bit modular interface.

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Common environmental performance includes temperature, humidity, salt spray, vibration and impact.

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The RJ45 is composed of a plug and a socket, and a connector composed of these two components is connected between the wires to achieve the electrical continuity of the wire.

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