How easy is the installation and transmission distance of the RJ45 connector?

How easy is the installation and transmission distance of the RJ45 connector?

2019-02-20 14:04:07


RJ45 connector plug is a plastic connector that can only be inserted in a fixed direction and automatically prevents falling off. It is commonly known as "Crystal Head". The terminology is RJ-45 connector (RJ-45 is a network interface specification, similarly The RJ-11 interface is the "telephone interface" we usually use to connect the telephone line. It is called "Crystal Head" because of its crystal clear appearance. The RJ-45 plug must be installed at both ends of the twisted pair for plugging into the RJ-45 interface of the network card (NIC), hub (Switch) or switch (Switch) for network communication.



The order of the pins from left to right is 1~8, and many users often have two kinds of errors in the wiring: one is to use one-to-one connection method. When the connection distance is short, the system will not be connected. However, when the connection distance is long and the network is busy or running at high speed, it is better to use the connection method of Figure 4, the core of which is to make the 3 and 6 pins the same twisted pair.

Although the crystal head is small, the importance of the network cannot be underestimated. A lot of the network faults are caused by the poor quality of the crystal head. The crystal head also has several grades. Generally, the quality of a famous brand like AMP (Amp) is more reliable. However, the price is more expensive than some of the market's miscellaneous brands. It is recommended that you do not want to be cheap when purchasing, otherwise the quality can not be guaranteed, mainly because its contact probe is copper-plated, it is easy to rust, resulting in poor contact and network failure. Another difference in quality is that the plastic buckle is not tight (usually caused by deformation), and it is easy to cause poor contact and network interruption.

The length of the twisted pair cable is no more than 100 meters, that is, the transmission distance is less than 100 meters.

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