How to occupy the connector market in new energy vehicles

How to occupy the connector market in new energy vehicles

2018-09-21 13:32:14


With the continuous development of electronic technology in recent years, the application of waterproof wire connector in the microelectronics, automotive industry and medical industry has become more and more eye-catching, components are getting smaller and smaller, circuit density is getting higher and higher, and transmission speed is getting faster and faster. Connectors are moving toward high density, miniaturization, thinning, combination, high speed, small batch size and multi-variety, which will become a new growth point in the connector industry.
In the automobile market, new energy vehicles can be described as a “field of hope”. In order to gain in this land, in addition to breakthroughs in key technologies such as batteries, motors, and electronic controls, core electronic components including connectors are included. To make a difference, but not as a "supporting role" in the traditional automotive field, we will analyze how to design a connector to occupy the market of new energy vehicles.

cable connector Circular power connector Waterproof wire connector
cable connector Circular power connector Waterproof wire connector


Car connector
Green cars, green components Because new energy vehicles are "green" cars, connectors are also required to be green. Whether it is the production or actual use of components, the use of green materials to avoid pollution and reduce energy consumption have become factors that manufacturers must consider, and these green features will become market advantages of products.
Security aspect
Due to the ability of new energy automotive connectors to withstand up to 250A and 600V, the high standard of protection against electric shock is obvious. At such high power, electromagnetic interference is another important issue. In addition, the plugging operation of the connector can cause arcing, which can seriously jeopardize electrical connections and electronic equipment, and may cause the car to burn. These require special design and development of the connector, such as preventing high voltage when exposed. Air breakdown, which requires a certain air gap to be retained; in the case of high voltage and high current, the temperature rise should not exceed the rated value; the weight, strength and ease of processing should be considered when selecting the outer casing material, and at different temperatures How to maintain the stability of the material properties of the connector terminals, how to ensure the necessary conductivity, etc., need to be considered.

Circular power connector male female connector Waterproof wire connector cable connector
Circular power connector male female connector Waterproof wire connector cable connector


Due to the continuous expansion of automotive entertainment systems, the importance of high-speed data transmission functions has become increasingly prominent. “For example, on some models, the camera is mounted on the reversing mirror to give the driver a wider field of view, which requires the connector to transmit more data. Sometimes a connector is needed to simultaneously transmit GPS signals and broadcasts. Signal problems, which need to improve their data transmission capabilities.)
other aspects
Because the car engine is usually placed in front of the car, although there is a firewall for protection, there will be some heat transferred, so the connector must be able to withstand high temperatures. In addition, the "harsh" requirements for automotive connectors are also reflected in their longevity. The general connector has elastic components, which will lose its effectiveness after a certain number of insertions and removals. Therefore, the service life is generally about 3-5 years, and a car can be used for 10 to 20 years, so the life of the car connector must be The life of the car is equal, and the requirements for the connector are quite high.
New markets have new opportunities and there are many challenges and difficulties. After the accumulation of capital brought about by the rough assembly mode, our country's industry should put more resources and energy into the upgrading and research of products, so that it will no longer be subject to people in the future market. New energy vehicles not only bring the vast market space of electronic components such as connectors, but also a good opportunity for product upgrades.


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