How to plug and unplug cheap power connectors

How to plug and unplug cheap power connectors

2019-02-02 10:25:34


1) before inserting and connecting the cheap power connector, please confirm whether the code of the plug to be inserted and connected to the socket, the "shape" of the interface, the "positioning key and slot", "positioning color code", "locking pin and slot", "positioning screw and hole" are consistent and accurate;

2) in the process of power connector pushing or screwing, the butt surface of the plug and socket should be parallel aligned and aligned with the cable or wire, and then gently push the lock sleeve in or slowly screw it in place along the direction of the axis and lock it. If it is found that the two butt faces are skewed and the positioning is not correct, and the hand feels tight beyond the normal force or there is obstruction or other abnormal sensation, the operation shall be stopped, and the operation shall be pulled out along the direction of the axis and state inspection shall be carried out. After troubleshooting, the insertion shall be performed again. Allow the use of special tools to plug and unplug;

3) when tightening the tail cover of plug or socket, the outlet cable or wire of tail cover cannot rotate;

4) during blind insertion, it is recommended to use lighting and visual devices (such as micro cameras or endoscopes and monitors) to monitor the process of blind insertion. Blind insertion is carried out in the absence of light and monitoring equipment. Fingers should be used to figure out the corresponding characteristics of the interface to be inserted.


5) in the locking operation, if it occurs or cannot be locked normally, it shall be pulled out and checked in time. If it is found to be correct, it shall be inserted and locked as required;

6) for the power connector of thick and hard cables, the cables should be fixed to prevent the power connector from being unplugged and damaged due to cable sag;

7) after the power connector is inserted and locked, the cable at the outlet of the tail cover shall be kept in a state of natural extension, and the initial part of cable bending shall leave the outlet of the tail cover more than 30mm. Unless otherwise specified, the inner bending radius of the cable shall not be less than 4 times of the outer diameter of the cable when bending;

8) when the power connector is plugged and unplugged, it shall be held by its body for plugging and unplugging. It is not allowed to hold the cable or wire outside the tail cover for operation.



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