Introduction to RTU monitoring system

Introduction to RTU monitoring system

2018-12-15 15:41:44


The RTU monitoring system is a system that uses optical fibers, coaxial cables or microwaves to transmit video signals in its closed loop and from camera to image display and recording. It can reflect the monitored object in real time, image and reality. It not only greatly extends the viewing distance of the human eye, but also expands the function of the human eye. It can replace the manual for long-term monitoring in a harsh environment, allowing people to watch. Everything actually happened to the scene being monitored and recorded by the video recorder. At the same time, the alarm system equipment alarms the illegal intrusion, and the generated alarm signal is input into the alarm host, and the alarm host triggers the monitoring system to record and record. DH-24-fiber is a metal fiber connector that has been carefully introduced by our company. This product is used in harsh base station environments to provide a stable corrosion resistance. It adopts fast bayonet connection and welded wiring connection, which is easy to operate and convenient for on-site construction. The connector uses an alloy external protective material to effectively reduce electromagnetic and signal RF interference caused by external high current. The product adapts to the wire diameter of 26AWG~24AWG, with high cost performance and convenient on-site operation. It has wide application in the security field of harsh environment.



1. The product is a patented product, and the DH24 type has passed the certification of UL, TUV, CE and other related certifications.
2. The product has been tested by professional quality and quality, and the raw material uses zinc alloy (resistance to salt spray reaches 72H)
3. The product locking mode is 1/4 quick bayonet insertion and insertion mode, which conforms to the safe operation specification, and the operation is simple and flexible.




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