Teach you how to choose a quality connector

Teach you how to choose a quality connector

2019-02-16 16:27:16


We all know that the power connector is composed of a plug and a socket. The connection and disconnection of the circuit are realized by the plugging and disconnecting of the plug and the socket, so that various connection methods of the plug and the socket are generated, and the connector is used more and more. The more extensive, the quality of a connector is the key to the use of all equipment, improper use of the short circuit, burning the machine, especially some of the equipment used by humans every day is related to personal safety. Therefore, the connector needs to pay attention to three major points.



       The first point is the use of environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, corrosive environment, etc., the connector in the process of use, transportation, storage will have the impact of the environment on its personality. Therefore, the connector should be selected according to the actual environment. The sudden change of temperature will affect the cracking and delamination of the insulation material of the connector, which will affect the subsequent use.

     The second major point is the connector connection, threaded connection, bayonet connection and marble connection. The threaded connection processing has the advantages of simple process, low cost and wide application range, but the slow connection speed is not suitable for occasions requiring frequent insertion and removal and rapid connection. The bayonet connection is more complicated to manufacture and the cost is higher. The pin-type connection is the fastest connection type among the three connection methods. It does not require a rotary motion, and the function of connecting, separating and locking can be realized by linear motion. This is the respective advantage of these three different connections.

     The third major point is that the connector termination method refers to the way the connector contacts are connected to wires or cables.

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